Blogging is something I wanted to do for a little while, but life kept me busy and it was postponed until today. I am ready now for a New Adventure and I wanted to begin by sharing a little bit about my story so welcome to my World.
I was born in a small town called Artemisa, Cuba not too far from Havana, the capital. Havana is what most people know so it is a good reference for those that may not know about the Caribbean Island. On my second year of college my family and I were able to come to the US. Let me mention if I may say so What an Opportunity for us. My world changed forever at the age of 19 when we moved to Miami, Florida. My dream was to travel and enjoy new things so coming to the US was just the beginning of it. Obviously learning the language and getting settle were the first steps, which I did, but there were a lot of things coming my way. Things like getting married at the age of 20 and having kids right away, obviously my family took over everything else I wanted to do and before I knew it I was a wife and a mother. What a Blessing and a Roller coaster at ONCE! But when you do all that while working full time for most of it and going back to college to get a degree you don’t get much free time to travel and explore as often as you may want, yet I loved every second of it and I would not have had it any other way. We made lots of memories and learned a lot from each other. We currently live in North Carolina so the nature is around us and the mountain views are breathtaking. Simply Beautiful! Married for almost 18 years and mother of two teenagers I decided to give the Blog writing a go and share some of the things I enjoy the most. Over the years we travelled some and can’t wait to share all I learned here and the new adventures we have in store are equally fun, So Stay Tuned.
How the Blog name came about? Well I chose Short and Sweet Chic because that describes me the best. At 4’11” I fit the Short bill so that was a no brainer. The Sweet side is because I know we are all able to have that quality even after a long day, so I try to see the best in all around me and what they have to offer and hope the Sweet is at an all-time high at the end. Yet some days you may be sweeter than others which is what makes us special. The Chic is more about my Fashion Style and Motivation every day. Because it is hard to find something Chic when you are as little as I am. It can be difficult to find professional clothes without a trip to a tailor.
Cannot wait to get started and hear from you guys out there. Again welcome to my Blog.
Iris Bender