Good Food ;-)

I love some good food and that is a statement. Looking up a place to go get a bite to eat¬†is better than cooking after a long day. Unless you absolutely Looove cooking and then you have your answer. Which brings me to the fact eating in a cruise is not a difficult task as a matter of fact is way too easy. There are so many choices and they are all equally good, so why do I have to choose one? The answer is you don’t. So east the cake and drink the wine because vacation is about having fun and enjoying yourself.

What would you say about sampling some of these plates? There were all delicious and I cannot wait to go get some more. Even a plain simple ice cream cone tasted better while in the middle of the ocean. Hope you enjoy the picts below. ūüėČ


The photo¬† on the left shows I didn’t just hang out at the dessert stations!!!








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Fun while you Cruise!


There are so many different things to do when you are cruising. Ports are ultimately refreshing to reach, they allow us to visit new places and enjoy new things but before you get there you are @Sea so what can you do to pass the time? The amount of things you can get yourself into are countless but I’ll mention a few below to pick your interest.

  • Entertainment Galore-¬†Live shows,¬†movies, clubs, arcades,¬†pools, spas, gym, and lot’s of family friendly activities because we want the little one to be included. ¬†I am just naming a few things, Trust Me on this.
  • Shopping- This is one of my favorite things, simply exciting to me because you are able to find unique stores with all sort of items. Forgot your perfume and make up bag at home? No worries I am sure you can find all you need here, is like a floating Mall. But a fancy one at that.
  • Gambling –¬†If you like the thrill and the adrenaline that sport can provide you¬†then you are on the right place (lots of choices around) and most cruise lines have casinos on board.
  • Dancing and Singing- Get your pick because there are many chances to do that on board and¬†my favorite part¬†is that those around are ALL Strangers, so what are the chances you will see those people again. Slim.¬†With that said be mindful of social media because you could go viral.
  • Drinking and Dinning- Most cruise lines have a drink package you can purchase¬†but of that’s not available then there are plenty of bars to pay as you go ($$$). But hey you are cruising so there is nothing wrong with a little bit of FUN while @Sea. Food is just everywhere you turn and the quality is for the most part great (My Cruise Experience: Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line).¬†The questions is do¬†you like buffet style so you come and go as you please or are you after some Fancy cuisine to sit down and enjoy the ambiance? Well they have it all, so don’t go to bed hungry when they have all those choices available.


Spa Time for us because we need some me time. My photographer aka my husband David got us a couples massage.

Love such Surprises!!!
















 My favorite drink a Pina Colada- Just an afternoon refreshment. Or was it?



Love our vacation time and we work hard so it is okay to enjoy a treat here an there. You may ask where are our kids, well they are hanging out with other teenagers and having tons of fun because they have their own agenda as soon they board.

Share what you do while on vacation and what are some of your favorite destinations.







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Keeping it Real!

We are often tired and want to slow down, yet you find yourself so busy with things that you talk yourself out of relaxing. Are we moving too fast?

I think we are. I do not want to blame¬†technology but you probably think it is taking things to a Whole New Level and we want to stay on top¬†of everything¬†so work harder than ever.¬†Don’t get me wrong I love technology but what we give up too much¬†for it and that¬†is the problem I see around me. I want to think we are all¬†Capable to Slow down and Smell the roses. It is okay to take a day off to do nothing if that is what your body needs. I have a family and I love them more than I can describe and I will do anything for them without a second thought yet I like to take a break and enjoy some Me Time. Do you do that sometimes? If so, what do you do?

I like to¬†go for a drive, pampering of my choice (massage, facial, mani/pedi, etc…),¬†watch a girlie movie or just binge watch an old TV show on Netflix. I feel we are too busy and forget that we need to care for ourselves to then have the strength to care for others. So go ahead and take the time as little as it may¬†seem after all¬†because¬†it will reward you tremendously. You get to choose the life you live in and I know circumstances change¬†due to the people around you or situations out of your control but we can still make it work. You have the chance to make yourself happy because if you wait for others to get you that satisfaction you may be in for a surprise.

I believe that people have a lot of good in them but I am not a fool to think that everyone out there is good. Does that make sense?

I decided to write a blog because I want to help people in general to be happier. Which is where the love for fashion and traveling takes over me since that makes me happy.  I have learned to remove myself from toxic situations or people that can bring you down. Find your happy place and stay there but not alone, take your friends with you.

Let me know what makes you Happy and Keep it Real because at the end of the Day your Lifestyle is up to you. Take control.


(I could not resist and I had to share a picture I took from the top of one of our many beautiful mountains @ the Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, NC).



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Spring is Here


I¬†love spring beautiful colors and also my¬†garden’s tree that blooms just perfect!

Makes me happy we get to experience all seasons here, but especially after a cold winter you appreciate the warmth the most. Love me some sunshine today so I went out to shoot some pictures in it. I loved spending more time on the fresh air so we got carried away. (By we I mean my daughter and I since she tagged along as my designated photographer)

I absolutely adore this outfit because is simply comfortable and casual to wear just about anywhere. I struggle often shopping since I am petite but pieces like these complete my soul. They are from some of my favorite stores and I can wear them all year long so it is a win win for me.

Not your spring colors but the fabric looks inviting if you get a chance to look at it in person and even better if you can touch it. About the shoes I will say they are vibrant with color and not your typical wear but they are a highlight in my closet and a great addition.



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What to Expect at My Blog

I am so excited to get my first post out. For weeks I was logging in and spending time on the look of the site itself yet not so much on the content of my first post. So I am jumping in with both feet like that all saying we all know so much about.

Shopping is hard for some of us and it can be very stressful if you are not the average size person. But it is okay to be different, you may be too short or too tall, but hey we simply embrace it to make the best of it. If you are too short (like me) you spend some time on a step stool or whatever is near you can climb on to reach some hard to get to items. But if you are too tall you bend a lot to reach lower things that I take for granted sine they are easy for me and that can hurt your back because of the frequency of that activity. So what I am trying to say is we all have challenges but that’s okay, trust me, I speak by experience. We just find ways to find a happy medium. When I was on my twenties I got away with buying kids clothes but at almost 39 years old (which by the way let’s keep that number between us) things are just a tad different. As a professional others expect me to dress accordingly and you manage to overcome the obstacles on your way. Over the years found stores that run smaller and fit me well enough so they get my business over and over again.


There are going to be a few photos as you can tell by now¬†(selfies to be exact) of myself because I want you to see the everyday me. There are not full of the fashion material/quality you expect from a blogger these days but hang in there with me ladies I will get up to speed and improve in all the things I lack¬†now but others master. With that said I invite you to subscribe and Grow with Me because we are going to have a lot of fun. The photos I am using are just random pics. The first one I am on my way to work or driving my kids somewhere, next I am on vacation which explains the messy hair/ natural curls and last but not least you will see me as soon as I got home after a long day of work. ‚ÄúAll the selfies on my car were taken when the car was at parked somewhere because safety is very important to me‚ÄĚ.

But we are going to look at some fashion tips and cute outfits in the next few posts. Because if you find yourself struggling in the shopping area maybe my  ideas can help you.


We are also going to travel together, some will be back in time to the wonderful vacations I’ve taken with my family over the last few years. To give you some hints this family Loves to Cruise so we will cover the places we visited, the food and the entertainment because that is good information to have especially if you are thinking to begin travelling abroad alone or with the family. With that said we drive to a lot of our destinations by car within a reasonable driving distance but flying is my all-time favorite mode of transportation so when things get too far to drive we just fly since places like California and Hawaii are too far not that you can drive to Hawaii but I think you get the picture. We also got a few exciting trips coming up and will share those as I go.


My blog will cover Fashion, Travelling (which are my two favorite things about my blog) and Lifestyle as you probably already notice on my title below the Short and Sweet Chic name. Lifestyle is a broad subject in my opinion which will allow me some freedom to include topics like DIY projects for home or garden, family tips, some cooking ideas which may include quick meals along with some of my favorite Cuban dishes. Again subscribe and we will have lots of fun here on my post and always feel free to comment and give suggestions because I am new and I need all the help I can get. Till next post.





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