Keeping it Real!

We are often tired and want to slow down, yet you find yourself so busy with things that you talk yourself out of relaxing. Are we moving too fast?

I think we are. I do not want to blame technology but you probably think it is taking things to a Whole New Level and we want to stay on top of everything so work harder than ever. Don’t get me wrong I love technology but what we give up too much for it and that is the problem I see around me. I want to think we are all Capable to Slow down and Smell the roses. It is okay to take a day off to do nothing if that is what your body needs. I have a family and I love them more than I can describe and I will do anything for them without a second thought yet I like to take a break and enjoy some Me Time. Do you do that sometimes? If so, what do you do?

I like to go for a drive, pampering of my choice (massage, facial, mani/pedi, etc…), watch a girlie movie or just binge watch an old TV show on Netflix. I feel we are too busy and forget that we need to care for ourselves to then have the strength to care for others. So go ahead and take the time as little as it may seem after all because it will reward you tremendously. You get to choose the life you live in and I know circumstances change due to the people around you or situations out of your control but we can still make it work. You have the chance to make yourself happy because if you wait for others to get you that satisfaction you may be in for a surprise.

I believe that people have a lot of good in them but I am not a fool to think that everyone out there is good. Does that make sense?

I decided to write a blog because I want to help people in general to be happier. Which is where the love for fashion and traveling takes over me since that makes me happy.  I have learned to remove myself from toxic situations or people that can bring you down. Find your happy place and stay there but not alone, take your friends with you.

Let me know what makes you Happy and Keep it Real because at the end of the Day your Lifestyle is up to you. Take control.


(I could not resist and I had to share a picture I took from the top of one of our many beautiful mountains @ the Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, NC).



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