Spring is Here


I love spring beautiful colors and also my garden’s tree that blooms just perfect!

Makes me happy we get to experience all seasons here, but especially after a cold winter you appreciate the warmth the most. Love me some sunshine today so I went out to shoot some pictures in it. I loved spending more time on the fresh air so we got carried away. (By we I mean my daughter and I since she tagged along as my designated photographer)

I absolutely adore this outfit because is simply comfortable and casual to wear just about anywhere. I struggle often shopping since I am petite but pieces like these complete my soul. They are from some of my favorite stores and I can wear them all year long so it is a win win for me.

Not your spring colors but the fabric looks inviting if you get a chance to look at it in person and even better if you can touch it. About the shoes I will say they are vibrant with color and not your typical wear but they are a highlight in my closet and a great addition.



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