What Makes you Happy?

What makes you Happy? This is not a simple question even when it may seem to be.

Happiness can have a different meaning because it all depends on the individual you ask the question to. I don’t want to sound like I have the answer because trust me I know I don’t, but I will share some of the things that make me Very Happy.

My family is number one off course and number two is spending quality time with them. The time I have with them is a blessing and I am thankful for every second of it. They make me Whole. What is your favorite family activity? Do share.

I Love making memories with my family that will last us a lifetime. As they grow up and get ready to fly away to begin their own adventures I want to know that what we did together will keep us closer even when we may be apart. We love vacations and over the years we learned how to make it fun since kids and traveling don’t always mix. So I think the best thing is to be sure you pick something that you will all enjoy. I wanted to talk about something we started doing a few years ago, cruising. Have you taken a cruise before, if so did you like it? I loved just about everything so Can I Say Fun? Because the planning is as fun as the vacation can be for my husband and I. This is a great way to explore the world within a reasonable budget. Some destinations are more expensive than others and obviously it is up to us to find us a good deal.

Stay tune because I will share tips on what to pack, some of my favorite things to do on board and also what to do @ the ports we visited as a family so far 😉

Here is a picture that will transport you to a beautiful paradise until my post coming up tomorrow with more details. Super excited!!!


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